Generate: MESA Festival 2020

MESA festival have created a pack of work to help people get moving and creative at home during their week. The pack, which if you ordered in advance is posted through your letterbox, is written in a colloquial tone, as if you’re being spoken to. 

Each day a new, accessible task is presented in colourful form. I’m glad of the simplicity and openness of the cues after a time that has been a creative gulf for many. 

Beginning with saying hello to the new week, I build up my dance each day in my bedroom to create a short phrase. The bright colours, welcoming words and open questions brighten up my mornings and set my day up to be more positive and active than when I woke up. 

Later in the week, the prompts encourage reflection, and I’m left thinking how simple little things like this can help us maintain our mental health amid the challenging times we live in.

Generate is part of MESA Festival by the Fi.ELD.

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